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Heroes’ Day was birthed out of a desire to recognize the first responders in our community. The first Heroes’ Day event coincided with the 20th anniversary of 9/11 as we wanted to acknowledge the fallen heroes from that tragic event along with those that continue to put their lives on the line to serve us. We recognize that our police officers, firefighters, and paramedics work diligently to protect our community and serve its citizens. Through this event, we want to honor these individuals and show them our support and appreciation.


Become a part of our group by donating or participating in one of our many events.


The funds raised will allow us to invite all of the local departments and their families to attend our event at no cost to them, as well as promote other causes for first responders.

Rockwall Fire Department Heroes' Day
Kids' Marathon Heroes' Day
Heroes' Day Fitness Challenge Wall Climb
5k race Heroes' Day
Fitness Challenge Tire Flip Heroes' Day
Cornhole and Vendors Heroes' Day
Heroes' Day Kids' Field Day
Heroes' Day Police Officer Fitness Challenge
Heroes' Day Carry On Honor Log
Cornhole Heroes' Day
Heroes' Day Police Officer Challenge
Heroes' Day Fitness Challenge (1)
Heroes' Day Bounce Houses
Heroes' Day 5k Race
Fitness Challenge Dummy Drag Heroes' Day
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